Interview with CEO Omair Ahmed

Longevity Leaders Summit 2021 

Cognitive-behavioural therapy is essential to building long-term mental fitness, and gamification is proven to drive engagement. This session looks at how to gamify CBT to help consumers build long-term mental wellbeing, the need to develop for specific market segments like older

Approximately 11% of NHS expenditure goes towards treating diabetes. But impactability modelling has the potential to improve outcomes for diabetes patients, if it is adopted appropriately. So how is impactability modelling being adopted by the NHS and what is the possible impact on population health and longevity? Omair Ahmed, Sarah Culkin of NHSX and Josephine Robertson, Associate Director of Actuarial, Optum discuss

The New 2021 Digital Health Investment Landscape

As innovation redefines healthcare and life sciences as never before, investment continues to play a crucial role in driving transformation – so where do digital health’s leading investors see opportunity? Has the digital health investment cycle reached and passed its peak? What market challenges continue to impede commercialisation and ROI of digital health innovation? And of course, what will be the impact of COVID-19? A panel of leading investors discuss and debate the developing digital health investment landscape, emergent investment and exit strategies, and future capital and deal-flow.